Gary Dranch
CD Review of 'The Brazilian Concerto'

ELDORADO MAGAZINE, No.7 / Buenos Aires, Argentina - Fall 2001: [Excerpt from CD review by Leandro Suarez: “This CD is undeniable proof of the musical richness that can be found in South America, from the hands of musicians of great worth such as Brazilian guitarist Daniel Wolff. […] The CD closes with Daniel Wolff’s exceptional Clarinet Concerto, whose rhythms remain in the mind of the listener even several minutes after the music has finished. Gary Dranch’s wonderful interpretation is worth noting, as is his interest in expanding the repertoire of the instrument by commissioning works of such rich melodic and rhythmic qualities. A most beautiful CD, which demonstrates faithfully the music of South America and the excellent quality of its interpreters.”.] - Highest rating: three quarter-notes.

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