Gary Dranch
Tomorrow Will be Today (front)
Tomorrow Will be Today (front)
Tomorrow Will be Today
Label: BKJ Publications
Released: August 28, 2008
Catalog Num: B001JPXRBE

Tomorrow Will Be Today

Gary Dranch (Artist, Performer), Clarinet (Artist, Performer), Robin Ginenthal (Artist, Performer), Soprano (Artist, Performer), Jun Toguchi (Artist), piano (Artist), Bavicchi Tribute Chamber Ensemble (Artist, Orchestra), Arlington-Belmont Chamber Chorus (Artist), Cambridge Brass Quintet (Artist, Orchestra), John Bavicchi (Composer), Peter Hazzard (Composer), Kenji Kikuchi (Composer), Kenneth Pullig (Composer), David Callahan (Conductor) | Format: Audio CD

Track Listings

1. Tomorrow Will Be Today, Op. 126, John Bavicchi
2. Brass Quintet for Life After Loss, Kenji Kikuchi
3. Three Scenic Moods, Op. 75, Peter Hazzard
4. Music For Brass Quintet, Kenneth Pullig

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