Alexander Meshibovsky, violin Osceola Davis, soprano Gary Dranch, clarinet Diana Mittler-Battipaglia, piano --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spohr Songs for Soprano, Clarinet, and Piano Beethoven Romance in G Major for Violin and Piano...
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CREDITS: Track #10
"Piece for Clarinet and Tape (1975)"
Gary Dranch, clarinet
Composer: Douglas Anderson
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For clarinet and String Quintet (1921)

I. Street Song. Lento-Allegretto Scherzoso
II. Father of Mercy. Lento - lamentando
III. At the Wedding: Molto Moderato/Quasi Recitativo-
Allegro Molto e Vivacemente
[with encore performance of Movement III]
(*) performance parts and performance rights are generously made by the Israeli Conservatory and Pro Musica Hebraica for Gardner work

”Gary Dranch and Friends” - Jewish Thematic Influences in Classical Clarinet Literature
Recorded by David Merrill in live performance on June 17, 2017.
Gary Dranch, clarinet
Andrew Pak, violin 1
Wen Chang-Lit, violin 2
Cindy Lan, viola
Courtney Kaita, cello
Justin Lee, double bass