Gary Dranch
Audio Notes

‘THE CLARINET’ journal – June 2001, page 18: “Audio Notes” by William Nichols. “I am pleased to have received a disc from clarinetist Gary Dranch entitled Concerto a Brasileira, which presents Brazilian guitarist and composer Daniel Wolff. […] All of these works are in collaboration with the Chamber Orchestra of Ulbra conducted by Tiago Flores. Additionally, one of most interest to our readers, the disc concludes with a new Concerto for clarinet and string orchestra by Daniel Wolff. The clarinetist here is New York based Gary Dranch, who commissioned the work and played the premiere performances in Porto Alegre, Brazil in April of last year with the orchestra presented on this disc. At the request of Gary Dranch the Concerto is in Brazilian style. This three-movement 26-minute work is traditional in structure as well as in tonal language, and is melodically appealing. It is not a big virtuoso concerto, as has come our way in recent years, but it has a direct and gentle sweetness about it which captures the Brazilian spirit. It is a lovely, straightforward musical expression for clarinet and string chamber orchestra, and a welcome addition to the repertory. The performance from soloist and orchestra is first-rate. Gary Dranch performs with several metropolitan New York orchestras and has made appearances in recital and as an orchestral soloist. He holds the D.M.A. degree from the University of Illinois. Gary possesses one of the darkest, most even and beautifully colored tones I have heard on digital discs lately. His technique is clean and smooth, and his approach, most appropriately in this piece, is unforced. He is in control at all times. The recorded string sound is close-up, somewhat on the dry side, but intimate and quite effective. The balance needs to favor the clarinet a bit more, but the engineers have very successfully captured the clarinet timbre. The production of this disc was supported by several government entities and private institutions and bears no label name. Program notes and biographical information are in Portuguese and English. This CD is available at the Tower Records location at 66th Street and Broadway, New York City, and from Luthier Music Corp., In Brazil, this CD is available at Modern Sound Mega Music Store. Good Listening!”

William Nichols, 'The Clarinet' Journal
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