Gary Dranch
Audio Notes

THE 20TH CENTURY CLARINET CONCERTO – Gary Dranch MS1180 "Dranch performs [the Wolff] beautifully with an ease and effortless quality that matches the style of the work exquisitely. The string ensemble is clear, clean and crisp throughout. Dranch's sound is amazingly dark and without edge even in the altissimo. Dranch's perfect intonation and control in the slow sections [in the Bavicchi] is notable and the performance by soloist and orchestra alike is admirable...[Hindemith's Concerto] is a welcome conclusion to this CD...Dranch is highly musical throughout...He seems keenly aware of the neoclassical influence, and injects them in his interpretation. Dranch is precise and reserved...The orchestra is immaculately clean throughout this work. I recommend this recording as a worthy addition to the contemporary clarinetist's audio library....there is something for everyone here, and then some. Gary Dranch is supremely adept at handling the technical and musical challenges that arise in these works."
The Clarinet, March 2007

Gail Lehto Zugger, The Clarinet, March 2007
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